Eggs PRESENTS Festival Eggs 2021~NO MUSIC, NO LIVE. - Streaming Ticket

Eggs PRESENTS Festival Eggs 2021~NO MUSIC, NO LIVE. - Streaming Ticket

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2021-8-7 SAT
We will deliver live streaming from 6 live houses across Japan by multi-streaming.

Participating live houses

PLANT (Sapporo) LOFT (Tokyo) LUSH/HOME (Tokyo)

CLUB UPSET (Nagoya) LIVE SQUARE 2nd Line (Osaka) Queblick (Fukuoka)

Organized, Planned and Produced by: Eggs Co., Ltd.


*Please check if the video and audio of the following video can be played in your environment.

  • Performing artists may be canceled or changed due to circumstances.
  • Membership registration is required for viewing.
  • You can watch by entering the license key issued for ticket purchase on the distribution viewing page. Please keep the license key that will be emailed to you until the day of the event.
  • The delivery viewing page will be announced by the URL on the ticket by the day of the event.
  • Even if you share the URL or post to SNS, you can only view it with your account.
  • If you watch it from the middle, it will be a live distribution from that point, and you cannot rewind and play back during live distribution.
  • Regarding the viewing environment, it is greatly affected by the status of the internet connection you are using.
    Please watch with the load on your line as low as possible.
  • The organizer will not be responsible for any problems caused by your internet environment or viewing environment.
  • This performance is a paid live show. The organizer owns all rights. All screen recording/shooting/recording with cameras/smartphones is prohibited. In addition, you may be legally liable for unauthorized reproduction or sharing on video sites.

Recommended viewing environment


4GB or more is recommended.

Windows 10, macOS 10.13 or higher

Egde, Chrome, Firefox, Safari (latest version)


- Confirmed iPhone terminal:
iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, SE, 11, 11pro

OS version:
iOS 11.3 and above

Browser version:
Safari, Chrome (latest version)

OS version:
Android 4.4 and above

Browser version:
Chrome (latest version)

- Confirmed Android device:
ARROWS NX, XperiaXZ/X Compact/Z5/XZ
Premium/XZ1/AQUOS sense/Galaxy S7 edge/

  • Some Android devices may not be able to be used normally depending on the model.
  • Please watch in a place with good radio waves such as Wi-Fi environment that allows high-speed communication (downlink 7 Mbps or more).
  • It may take some time to load in an environment with poor line and radio wave conditions.
  • It can be viewed on the browsers of PCs, tablets, and smartphones, but users are responsible for communication charges related to Internet connection.
  • When using mobile Wi-Fi (packet communication), please check the notes on each company's website before using.